Mommies Traveling with Small Kids

Make traveling with small kids an enjoyable experience. Here are some strategies:

Respect Routines

When choosing flights and planning activities, keep your kids’ routines in mind. My kids usually get hungry, tired, and cranky between 10am and 2pm so I avoid scheduling anything during that period. I choose flights that leave at the crack of dawn because early mornings are when my kids are happiest and most obedient. The less disrupted their routines are, the less stressful it will be for everyone.

Take your Time

This suggestion may seem counter-intuitive for parents who want to get their kids to their destination quickly, but flights get delayed, little tummies get hungry and you can get lost in the airport. We learned this the hard way when our plane was delayed for an hour. Now we allot at least four hours between flights so we can do everything – from checking in to eating and shopping – at a leisurely and enjoyable pace.

Bring Snacks

Bring your kids’ favorite biscuits, pretzels, and cookies. While fruits and and homemade sandwiches are healthier, these might be rejected by the border security of some countries. You can bring milk and fruit juices in cartons or foil pouches, but be prepared to dump these.

Bring just one Toy

Allow your kids to bring just one favorite toy. And avoid bringing toys that have multiple pieces as they’re more difficult to keep track off.

Keep Them Amused

When you have small kids in tow, you have to include fun activities that are fun and entertaining for them.


Source: SMILE Magazine

Relaxing Rituals

Pamper yourself before your next flight!

1. Scents are well-known de-stress agents so try dabbing th Aveda Sress-Fix Concetnrate on your wrists; smell and breathe in. Inhale through your nose to a count of four and exhale to a count of eight. The concentrate contains soothing organic ingredients such as lavender, lavandin and clary sage essential oils; skin-conditioning sunflower and olive oils; and vitamin E.

2. Dab the concentrate on your neck. Massage the area using circular motions.

3. Also apply the concentrate on your shoulders, using a press-release motion with the rollerball. Raise your shoulders to your ears, hold them drop. Repeat.

4. Rub a scented lotion on your hands (try Aveda’s Stress-Fix Body Lotion); smell and take a deep breath. Rotate your wrists. Massage the palm of your right hand with the thumb of your left hand using circular motions. Repeat on the other hand. Then massage the back of your right hand with the thumb of your left hand, stroking from knuckle to wrist. Do the same on the other hand.

Advantages Of Oats

The healthiest meal to jumpstart your day is also the easiest one to prepare. A bowl of your favorite oatmeal (with favorite fruits and milk) provides just the right amount of nutrients your body needs to ensure a steady boost of energy throughout the day. What does this fiber-rich fare guarantee?


Oats are rich in selenium, which works with vitamin E in decreasing symptoms of asthma and in reducing the risk of heart disease and colon cancer.


Oatmeal’s high-fiber content removes the cholesterol from the digestive system, which could otherwise end up in the bloodstream and increase the risk of heart disease.


The beta-glucans in oats have been known to fight off disease-causing bacteria and viruses.


The soluble fiber in oatmeal slows down digestion, which makes you feel a sense of fullness long after breakfast.


Oats stabilize your blood sugar levels, and keep them in control throughout the day. Support this with a steady serving of nourishing fiber-rich foods during your meal breaks.


5 Mini-Breaks You Can Do Right Now!

Take these quick escapes to channel you happy self.

1. LET YOUR MIND DO THE WALKING. Drive to the nearest bookstore and read a chapter or two of your favorite novel or any work of fiction that interests you. Allow the author to take you to a place, an ear, or a situation that is much bigger or crazier that your current reality. You could also hit the travel section and allow Lonely Planet to transport you to a destination that could have been your real escape if you had more time on your hands.

2. CALL A FRIEND. Dial the number of one of your zaniest friends and indulge in some laughing trip. Who knows, he/she might also be in need of a quick break. According to a study at Harvard Medical and University of California in San Diego, every happy friend you have increase your own chance of being happy by 9 per cent.

3. SING YOUR HEART OUT. It would be nice to have a Happy Fix playlist on your MP3 player, so you’ll have something to drown stressful thoughts with when you most need it. You may even lock yourself in your car or go to an empty room so you can sing along in full volume, with feeling. And if you feel like dancing, get on you feet and start grooving to the beat.

4. GET SOME RETAIL THERAPY, WITHOUT HAVING TO SPEND FOR IT. Hit the nearest mall and experiment with different looks. The more varied and distinct it is from your your usual get-up, the better. Internalize each look and try to imagine yourself actually donning it in real life.

5. GET PHYSICAL. Exercise activities happy hormones, so put on those running shoes and take a quick run around the block. You’re killing time and living healthy at the same time.

Do It The Ayurveda Way

Ayurveda is part of the ancient Indian scriptures known as the Vedas. Originally, the Vedas were conveyed through oral tradition but were later written down in Sanskrit on palm leaves. The word Ayurveda is composed of two Sanskrit terms:  Ayus meaning life, and veda meaning knowledge or science. Literally, Ayurveda means science of life. Ayurveda is, therefore, a way of life aimed at maintaining good health and attaining longevity.

Seven Tips for better health and beauty:

  • Develop healthy eating habits. Eat what you’re supposed to and not just what you like to eat, but eat natural food. Do not starve yourself and always eat at a set schedule.
  • Get your vitamins from natural sources. Vegetables and fruits are good sources. Small shrimps, curry leaf, mustard seeds are rich in calcium; carrots and squash are rich in Vitamin A; calamansi, oranges, and lemons provide vitamin C.
  • Eat naturally to prevent diseases. Avoid junk food, chemical ingredients in food, processed foods, fat-laden meals. Eat fish from the sea and avoid those that are cultures with hormones and antibiotics.
  • Do regular physical examination of the breasts.
  • Natural is best for beauty. There are natural lotions, shampoos, oils and other beauty products available.
  • Purify the blood. Ayurvedic preparations like the Ayurveda tea can do this.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of strengthening the body’s immune system to fight infections. When you get sick, remember that many diseases can be corrected through natural means. For health as well as for beauty, natural is always best.
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